Five Ways to Manage High Cholesterol Without the Pills

October 3rd, 2011 by admin

The word cholesterol has the worst reputation in the world. Is it too high? Too low? Managing your high your high cholesterol? Take this pill. No, take that one. Yikes!
Fact is, if you never ate or drank another milligram of cholesterol, you would will still have cholesterol in your body because your liver manufactures it. If you seriously want to manage high cholesterol, here are five suggestions to consider without taking one more pink or blue or yellow pill.
1 – Diet: Find one with fish, nuts, beans, avocados, peanut butter, fruits, whole grains and olive oil.I found some more information here. It’s a fact that sticking to a diet with all these “goodies” will cut your LDL and manage your cholesterol problems.
2 – Exercise: Get on a regular regimen of exercise and stick with it. Start with a walk around the block then increase to at least one mile. Set a goal of five days each week.
3 – Weight: Slim down. Even losing just 10 pounds will help manage high cholesterol.
4 – Oatmeal: Grandma was right. It’s the fiber that does it. Have a bowl.
5 – Fats: Eschew the bad ones; eat the good ones. Take a good multi-vitamin.